Hypersapien is a band from Savannah, GA formed by Bresnow, Josian Omar Soto-Ramos, Nick Bulka, Bradley Wilkerson and Dalton Benkert.

The band met through other musical projects and eventually united as one. Bresnow and Bulka had been working on some songs at the time together while the former rhythm section of Amoreauxs Ghost (Josian and Dalton) were on there way out to pursue a project that would suit them properly. With the correct timing the 4 united writing and polishing the music. With several practices in, Stephens cousin Bradley Wilkerson (keys) came into the fold adding layers that were previously absent. This is when we knew the band had been sealed into perfection. Hypersapien blends everything from each of the band members personal influences and throws it all into a pot stirring up unique soulful and rocking tunes that will turn heads.


HyperSapienHere they are performing their song Pool table live at the Art March December party at the Wormhole, Savannah GA. Lets keep on rockin’ the Savannah live music scene – HyperSapien

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