Chillin with them folks on my wind down from a fast and fun week. Enjoying conversation with #rawfood friend Thing 1. We will have cool, stuff coming up about the #savannahmusic #local #art vibes happening, and adding more links to what the neighborhood is grooving to. Remember you have power in how you spend your dollars, investing in your community is a way to improve your own lot in life. Both in The karmic sense and in this physical existence. #sofo (south of Forsyth) has a seemingly endless supply of the people, places, and things that have the ability to enrich all of our daily lives. We are huge proponents of sharing what we have to offer with the world. #there are is good #music at #graveface #healing at #Anahata the . We have some good content to share in the next day or so, hopefully spreading the #cosmic #magical world existing just past the forrest.


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