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Save The Wormhole

The Wormhole


So unless you’ve been living under a stone on Mars, I assume you’ve heard the controversy over The Wormhole and their court proceedings. in case you missed it here is the article

The Wormhole bar locked in noise dispute with city, neighbors |



Basically the problem is that there are a few neighbours, seemingly intent on destroying the local music scene, issuing complaints to the city about the sound of music wafting down the street and around the corner from The Wormhole. It seems unfair as most of us, including police have failed to hear anything significant from the area the complaints were made, aswell as the fact that the train goes right through this neighbourhood blowing its whistles and making a hell of a lot of noise.  Yet they pick on The Wormhole.

All that aside, basically we are upset because they are trying to take away the hub of the music community South of Forsyth park. It’s our local music venue and the only place that musicians from the area can go to play and listen alike. Not to mention that The Wormhole attracts a host of touring bands including the likes of Consider The Source and Band of Horses.

In this post I just want to share a small fraction of the musical happenings in The Wormhole that we have seen in the last week since this article was published, to try and show what Savannah would be losing  if the complaining neighbours get their way, knowing well full soundproofing is outside the budget and cancellation of shows would spell a certain end for the venue and an era South of Forsyth.

However they do plan to run a crowdfunding campaign and the busy beavers are already planning fundraising events to help raise the funds to  soundproof the building before its too late.


Open Mic

Open Mic provides a platform for young and old, professional and amateur musicians alike, to play and rehearse their routines on a professional stage with professional sound and their very own sound engineer.  Not only is this unique in Savannah but I have rarely come across it anywhere else I have been, and I’ve been around ;).

Here is a sampling of some of the delights from this week

 Alex (with Jeff)

Video streaming by Ustream

The beauty of the Wormhole open mic/jam is that the sound guys double up as multi instrumentalists if you ever want someone to play with, or in this case just an impromptu jam between friends


A Different Breed


Video streaming by Ustream
First time back at open mic is a few months for this Black Metal 2 piece, but tight as ever


Whiskey Wednesday

Video streaming by Ustream
First time here for this young bluegrass band, and some valuable stage experience earned, we hope to see them again soon


Johnny Adams

The best part of the night for many of us when some of the regular singers and jammers get together towards the end of the night and have some fun. You never know how its gonna go but its always fun, and some of the music gets crazy with these experienced jammers. Here Johnny Adams gets joined on stage by Spencer on Drums and Oisin on Guitar, with Bill on Harmonica

Video streaming by Ustream

…And then there’s the touring bands

Also this week we had a The Broken Glow live album launch, Takin’ it to the hole recorded live in.. you guessed it, The Wormhole. Broken Glow have been making a lot of noise in the scene since moving here from Brooklyn, and its mostly thanks to The Wormhole. they had no gear or nowhere to play or jam, and they still come religiously to every open mic and rock the crowd, no matter the size. this week they were joined by Mysterium, a side project of Garrets with his wife Sara Clash. And friends of theirs from New York on their east coast tour Cousin Sleaze

You can check out the album ‘Taking it to the Hole’ here


Up first were Art/Noise Rock duo Mysterium, describing themselves as ‘a musical channeling of your earlobes weirdest urges’. Shades of early 90’s experimental shoegaze here with Sara’s vocals always at the fore.

Video streaming by Ustream

 Cousin Sleaze

Next up was touring metal band Cousin Sleaze from Brooklyn, New York, rocking hard as always.

Video streaming by Ustream

Broken Glow

And finally, no need for an introduction for our regulars  Broken Glow on their live album launch.

Video streaming by Ustream


And so ended another great night at The Wormhole, here’s to many, many more 🙂

All the visuals were provided by Planetary Projections.
Also the video and audio is brought to you by No Evil productions, and if your band wants a professional audio recording or a live music video for youtube all services are catered for in house. You can contacts us for visuals or videos at (visuals) and For sound or venue enquiries you can contact Jeff at


Save the Wormhole – Save the savannah music scene





5 thoughts on “Save The Wormhole

  1. Seeing touring acts such as Freezeop, Slick Idiot, and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult at this little bar meant so much to me. I don’t want the Wormhole to go anywhere!

  2. The Wormhole supports the thriving local music scene while giving both the musician and fan a great place to come together for a great experience.

  3. The Wormhole is my favorite venue in town as they provide the most comprehensive and adventerous range of original music in Savannah. The owner Amy is one of the kindest people I know. This club serves a real need in Savannah, there’s no place like it!

  4. Wormhole is a very unique place where people speak an international language of music in the warm safe place. It would be a shame if young people especially would not have such a nice club to get together. Please, keep it running!

    • Great to see all the supportive comments, keep em coming so we can help save the wormhole, we will be petitioning the neighbourhood as well as trying to raise the funds to help with soundproofing

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