This week saw the return of the ever popular Art March on Desoto Row and the gallery’s around Sofo. There was also another sleuth of house shows and  some cool events in The Wormhole and Anahata Healing Arts. A great week for Savannah Art.


Art March

As I turned the corner into Desoto row I heard the soothing funkalicious sounds of Jose of the Vinyl Appreciation Society spinning some of hid favourite funk tunes on Vinyl.

As always there was a plethora of vendors and artist set up including 13 bricks clothing and Spiderlily art, with Clinton guarding the way offering stamps for free entry into the Wormhole after party. After that i wandered down around the corner to Happy glass Art and Anahata Healing arts and checked out some of the artists doing their thing.

savannah art

Jose spinning tunes


savannah art savannah art Savannah artsavannah art Savannah ArtAnahata

Then it was all to The Wormhole for the after party including Charlie and The Foxtrots blend of county blues and folk rock. You can see the show in its entirety here

Express Yourself @ Anahata Healing Arts

Saturday saw the express yourself Event at Anahata Healing Arts. A music and spoken word event, with music by Yonahbug and Xuluprophet and poetry by a number of people including Amy Adams, Miggs and Taylor Locke


Following this it was to The Wormhole again for the Dope Sandwich fundraiser, an all out Hip Hop show featuring Miggs and Knife of Dope Sandwich.  Check out the show here

And if you feel like like supporting them visit their fundraising campaign on Kickstarter

Martin Sexton

On Wednesday night fans of Acoustic Guitar music had a real treat when legendary singer songwriter Martin Sexton performed at The Wormhole on the first night of his tour. A real master of the stage, he had the crowd eating out of his hand from beginning to end. A joy to behold a master of his art at work. You can see  the show right here.


New Music

This week also saw the release of some new local music in Savannah. Our own The Shape and the Sound released a teaser of their new EP, recorded and produced by Jeff Neugebauer…


This week also saw the launch of Ambrose, the new project by Steve Baumgardner or Basik Lee.

So that about rounds up the goings on this week in the Savannah Art and Music scene, or the little bit I got to cover at least. Remember, keep on supporting Savannah Music and Savannah Art.


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