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SoFo underground


This week was another busy week in the Savannah and SoFo underground music scene and DriveVibes was there to catch as much as we could.  I don’t have the time to list everything but I will lay out some of my highlights of the weekend.

FFF – Dirty Heart Funk Jump Up anti Valentines @ The Wormhole

SoFo Underground

Dirty Hearts

This Valentines Day saw the return of Freeky Free Friday at The Wormhole with an anti Valentines party featuring Katie Parker, Brett Trammel, Lehgion of Boom and XuluProphet, a mixture of folk, blues, funk rock and hip hop to distract those who don’t celebrate the Hallmark Holiday that is Valentines day.

Savannah Bazaar

Saturday saw the return of the Savannah Bazaar. No video still from here but we plan to get some next month. In any case the sun shone over at  least half of Southern Pine and there was some awesome music by Beneath Trees, The Eric Culberson Band,  Aeo Wildflower and more.

SoFo Underground

Aeo Wildflower

SoFo Underground

Catching some Rays


The BarberShop

From The Bazaar it was a quick run over to The Barbershop on 34th st for a house show featuring Francie Moon and Matt Pless on tour from New Jersey aswell as local bands Beneath Trees, Elephant Fire  and Blackrune. We managed to capture the whole show on video although I thought the whole place was gonna come down it was so packed with such high energy.


Wormhole Fundraiser


And finally to cap off a busy Saturday was the Bazaar after party/ Wormhole Fundraiser featuring KidSyc, Omingnome, Dope Sandwich, Crazy Bag lady, Shapes and Their Names and Baked Alaska. Most of these artist have been featured on DriveVibes before so I will just share a couple of vids.

Crazy Bag Lady






And that’s about as much as I could keep up with this week but there was more, lots more,  The SoFo underground is really starting to kick off and at DriveVibes were really excited about it, and we have some cool ideas up our sleeves for the next couple of month. Stay posted and thanks you for reading….

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