The Underground is back, and this time it means business…

Savannah Underground


Another aspect of the influx of bands from the north east is the underground house show culture, which is really kicking off in the Savannah underground music scene right now. Last night there was 2 kicking shows featuring Scarlett Hollow,  Beneath Trees, Crazy Bag Lady, Wet Socks, Unicycle Escape Pod, Omingnome and more. Unfortunately DriveVibes was unprepared and did not have recording equipment at the ready but i made a montage of some footage I got from my phone with a track from the new Beneath Trees EP. The energy was off the hook and its easy to see why these house shows became so popular in New York. I look forward to cataloging more of these properly.


The first show was a loud straight up punk show in a living room, and straight after it was to the launch party for new video blog Adventurekatz, which was  a more psychadelic affair featuring our favourite gnomes Omingnome and the lighting wizard Simon Ross of Planetary Projections

Savannah Underground

Planetary Projectionist Simon Ross


Check out the new Omingnome single ‘Kombucha’


And check out Adventure Katz here



Business as usual at the Wormhole

Despite more pressure from the powers that be, this time in the form of BMI and the copyright fatcats, The Wormhole still pushes on as being the foremost venue for Live Music in our fair city, with shows by touring New York Indie Folk band Swear and Shake amongst the open mic nights and a metal show with local band I am Sound Friday night.

Video streaming by Ustream

We also had a surprise visit from Deep South Dirty Bluesters Mississippi Shakedown who gave us a burst of high Octane Delta Blues On Monday night’s Open Mic night.



Video streaming by Ustream



So, as y’all can see, no matter what the man does or says, we will keep the Savannah Underground music scene alive

savannah underground

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