Freeky Free Friday – Savannah Music Scene


This weekend  was a very busy one for the SoFo brigade with a number of events all coinciding over Friday and Saturday. We had Sand and Time at Anahata Healing Arts and the return of Freeky Free Friday in The Wormhole. Then Saturday saw the monthly Savannah Bazaar at Southern Pine and the first of what’s to be a weekly Saturday matinee DJ set in Graveface Records.


Sand And Time

Freeky Free Friday Savannah music Scene

Sand and Time

First up was Sand and Time featuring the music of XuluProphet backed by OceanMan, and the poetry and dance of Amy Adams. The event was divided into 3 sections, Poetry, Music and Dance, all illuminated with the psychedelic lights of Planetary Projections.

Video streaming by Ustream


Freeky Free Friday

Freeky Free Friday Savannah Music Scene

Immediately following Sand and Time it was quick scarper over to The Wormhole for the first FFF of 2014 featuring Sunglow, Baked Alaska, Symbiant Circle and Culture Vulture followed by a dj set from Obamabo.


Baked Alaska

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Symbiant Circle


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Video streaming by Ustream


5th ever Savannah Bazaar

Then up early on Saturday to head down to the Savannah bazaar with music again from XuluProphet and Culture Vulture, this time joined by Hip Hop act Legion of Boom and  Tyler and Melissa from Omingnome, going by Yonahbug  making an appearance too, with some more poetry from Amy Adams and friends Bryan and Taylor.

Freeky Free Friday Savannah Music Scene

savannah bazaar

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The final leg of the journey was another Obamabo DJ set at Graveface Records and curiosities, No video from here I’m afraid yet, but we are just starting getting things going here so keep your eye out for regular events there

Freeky Free Friday Savannah Music Scene

Graveface Records and Curiosities

…. and that wraps it up for this week from  Freeky Free Friday – Savannah Music Scene




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