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LCO 2 party

It seems that after a few years of splits and drama the electronic music scene in Savannah is pulling itself back together. Low Country Oscillations night in The Wormhole has started off well with the pre Christmas launch party and the follow up dance party. Savannah Party Starters and Electronic Underground are still running events, as well as the ever gaining popularity of the Vinyl Appreciation society, with Dj’s playing every Saturday afternoon in Graveface Records. All this on top of a big day festival type event that’s gonna take over the Wormhole on march 17, better known to some as St Patrick’s day and  an up and coming new DJ battle night in The Crypt.

This week we saw the return of Low Country Oscillations with their follow up event LCO2. Let’s take a look



First up on the bill for LCO2 was LCO resident Obamabo, playing an improvised ambient set to begin with before moving into more familiar territory with the opening DJ set of the night, brining a mixture of European style house and bass music to ease people into the party. Look out for his upcoming EP ‘Uku Pacha’ and performances in The Wormhole and Graveface Records.

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 Grace The Wind

Next up was Grace The Wind, playing an all original DJ set. Grace the Wind is a group founded by Viola Adams an Opera Singer and also a club DJ. The mind set of the group is to break musical stereotypes. Although the recent album, “Kazumi’s Game” has a strong electronic influence; Grace the Wind’s genre is intentionally

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You can hear more from Grace the Wind here



Electronic Underground

Next up we had Electronic Underground, who also played at the first LCO event.  Dragoslav and DJ Nightshade of Electronic Underground run the visual show simoultaneously to their DJ set to give you the full on EDM experience.

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Liam Edwards

Closing on the night we had Liam Edwards, a mainstay of the local Savannah DJ scene and resident DJ at Club 51 downtown. Tonight he brought a sampling of his favourite Trance and Progressive House music to keep people on the dance floor, and that he did. you can listen to his set in entirety here.

Liam Edwards Live at LCO 2 Jan 24 2014 by Liam Edwards on Mixcloud





But of course that’s not all….

As usual The Wormhole had its usual share of open mic and live bands playing in there over the week. 2 of which I would like to draw attention to, as they both have new records coming out and are both playing in The Wormhole this Tuesday night supporting Swear and Shake.


Beneath Trees

First up is beneath Trees, a brand new 2 piece punk rock duo and another leg to the Savannah New York invasion.

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You can check out their debut EP here


Shapes and their Names

Formerly known as Young Seniors, Shapes and their Names are an indie rock 4 piece. They have recently recorded some new songs and preparing for a release. See them performing live at open mic here

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And last but not least…


We had a great Young 4 piece rock band from Chicago ‘The Howl’ passing through town on their tour of the east coast and the deep south. Due to a cancellation and a tour bus breakdown they hung out in Savannah for a few days and managed to  book a last minute gig at Wormhole open mic . Lucky for us as  they blew us all away with their energetic performance. Watch their second set here.

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