Diggin The Springtime Vibes

With the first inklings of Spring in the air and festival season around the corner we had a few nice outdoor shows and events that gave us a little taste of what’s around the corner. Also busy season is just around the corner in Savannah everyone is busy with their own endeavours before it hits.  Due to this my post is slightly overdue and I didn’t get a whole lot of footage this week but I did catch a small section of the A-Town Get Down gathering last weekend and captured some of the great performances from the bands at Freeky Free Friday in The Wormhole last Friday night.


A Town Get Down

Savannah Music Festival

Lovely Locks performing at A Town Get Down

A town Get Down

The A-Town Get Down is a public music and arts festival organized in memory of Alex Townsend, a SCAD student, musician and artist whose life was tragically cut short in an automobile accident on Valentine’s Day in 2010. Alex known as “A-Town” selflessly encouraged the talents of others while continuing to find his own. This festival was an all day event with 25 different bands and all sorts of art, vendors and workshops. Bands included Lovely Locks and Omingnome who played after sunset with Planetary projections on visuals.



Freeky Free Friday this week consisted of Beneath Trees, Culture Vulture, Whiskey Wednesday, Shapes and Their Names and Lifers. It was a night of Stellar performances from all the acts, although we had a few technical difficulties and a visit from the 5-0 ill still call the night a success, and we got a few good vids to boot.


Culture Vulture



Shapes and their Names

Whiskey Wednesday



… Thats all I managed to capture this week. However with the evolution of the New Pale Blue Dot music collective and some new upcoming projects in the Gnome Home on cards, expect to see much more stuff like this happening in Savannah soon. Also DriveVibes has a few new ideas up it sleeve, and with the return of the nice weather, we’ll be looking to do more classic DriveVibes shoots out and around Savannah so keep watching the local savannah music scene cause things are about to kick off big style


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