2013 Top 7 – DriveVibes

Well seeing as its that time of the year everyone is making lists, and 2013 has been quite a year for DriveVibes, resurrected in Galway in the summer time and continued with aplomb in Savannah in the fall/winter, we have had so many great acts perform for us that we have managed to capture on camera one way or another, we thought it was time to give credit where credit is due…. so here is my 7 personal faves from this year (it was originally supposed to be five but there were too many good ones to leave out )….

7. XuluProphet/OX1 – Aint Nothin Fo’ Free

With the recent addition of the Irishman playing lead guitar with XuluProphet, the OX1 boys have been making waves around Savannah with their brand of acoustic funk and reggae. Expect to see more of these boys soon.

6. Brian Dolly – Rebel Road

Back to the old country with this lovely’s summers day folk blues performance by Brian Dolly of Galway. You can find this song on his brand new album ‘Shine On from a Dusty Jar’ just released a few weeks ago.

Galway alternative music

Brian Dolly album

5. Lorina Dodson (Esther Conry) and Tanna Fischer – House of Leaves

On that same sunny afternoon in Galway we have Esther and Tanna play a fantastic set also. Esther is now performing with her band Polarilis and you can catch Tanna, who also played on the Brian Dolly album performing regularly as one half of the duo Orphik.

Galway alternative music

Esthers band Polaris

4. HyperSapien – Pool Table

One of the most exciting up and coming bands in Savannah, HyperSapien have been one of our favourite live bands at The Wormhole, and always bring an energy packed live set. Here they are performing their song Pool Table at at March December… Expect to see more HyperSapien videos on DriveVibes very soon

Savannah Music Scene


3. Willow Sea – Silver Moonlight Falls

Again back to Galway , this tim eon a chilly Spring day, all wrapped up inside with cups of tea at The Secret Garden, Willow Sea brought his fantastic live looping set and blew everyone away. 2013 was a busy year for Will O’ Connor, playing all the major festivals, and releasing a collaborative album recently with vocalist Tracy Friel as Grounds For Invasion

Galway alternative music

Willow Sea

2. Orphik – Waltz

Oh what a summer it was, and we sure made the most of it… and we were lucky to have Galway’s favourite Busking duo Orphik (Michael Mclister and Tanna Fischer) perform for us a number of times. here they perform their waltz to a hungry crowd filling on on BBQ in the secret garden in the, umm, Secret Garden.

Galway Alternative music


aaand drumrolll….

1. Broken Glow – The Great War

Our Favourite new band since relocating to Savannah, Brooklyn 2 piece Broken Glow (Garret Deming and Paul Burba) have been compensating for the loss of band members by giving huge energetic live performances, no matter how many people in the audience, they deliver every time. Soon to release a live album from the November Art March ‘Takin it to the Hole’ and to record a new album in 24 hours, expect to see more of Broken Glow in Savannah and on DriveVibes very soon

Savannah Music Scene

Broken Glow




We would also like to give special thanks to Richard Harvey,  Naoise Osborne,  Rowan Moore, Jeff Neugebauer, Duey Sol, The Secret Garden Galway and The Wormhole Savannah for all their help and support through out the year


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